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Projects we’ve built.

Ye Olde Server

I just came across these photos that I had forgotten about, and decided to put them up in case anybody wanted to see them.  Several years ago I built a little file server, and crammed it into a treasure chest thing from Hobby Lobby. It began life as 1TB RAID1 with an Intel Atom D525 […]

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DIY Laptop cooler

So my laptop (HP G60) gets REALLY hot.  As in 200°, gotta scale back the processor hot.  There’s some design issues that aren’t really fixable, so the next option is external cooling.  I’ve had a couple of cooling pads before, all usb powered, with single and dual fans.  They did alright, but it still wasn’t […]

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The Brushbot’s Humble Beginnings

Well, I’ve seen a lot of brushbots online. You know, those little bots that move forward just because they jiggle… insert joke here. So, I needed a project while I was waiting one the bearings for the CNC machine, so I decided to build one. BAD idea. I started with one little brush and one […]

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FTP Server (Part the First)

So I built a new ftp server.  The old netbook wasn’t cutting it anymore.  I decided that I needed mirrored raid, and at as much storage as I could get in two drives.  It also had to be fairly low-power.  Not that I was actually going to measure it’s usage or anything.  I just find […]

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